Exhilarating Outdoor Activities in Denver

Denver is generally an outdoor adventure paradise judging from the lots of outdoor activities round the city. It doesn’t matter your hobby, Denver has lost of activities you and your family can engage in. Below are some of the prominent outdoor activities in Mile-High City.


If there is nothing else cyclists love Denver for; the biking trails are enough. The city has over 85 miles of paved trails which connect to a huge network of dirt trails where you can exercise your mountain biking adventures. These trails also connect you to lots of notable attractions including the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater and the Cherry Creek Shopping District.

The bike sharing system in Denver makes biking adventures inexpensive and fun. There are over 80 stations around town where you will find lots of shiny, red bikes which you can peddle away just by swiping your credit card. The advantage with this system is that you can get a bike from one station, but drop it in another station as per your convenience.

Some of the greatest biking trails include the Greenway Trail located along the South Plate River, the Cherry Creek Bike Path, the Clear Creek Bike Path, and the Bear Creek Bike Trail.

Mountain Hiking

If you have ever heard of the Colorado Rocky mountains, visiting or living in Denver offers you easy access to these mountains plus lots of spectacular resorts located at different points in the mountainous region.

It doesn’t matter the kind of a hiker you are, you will find lots of hiking terrains with different difficulty levels. To entice people to embrace hiking, Denver has partnered with some of the top resorts in Colorado to enable you get discounts, deals, and other exciting packages. These resorts combine top shelve dining and nightlife, luxury facilities, and a beautiful mountain scenery.


Colorado has an extraordinary landscape golfers find irresistible. East of the city, there are vast plains while towards the west, there are snowcapped peaks. The state has a total of more than 200 golf courses designed by the skilled hands of top architects in the world. The lush green fairways are carefully tucked into some of the most scenic nooks and crannies. Some of the famous golf courses include the Fox Hollow Golf Course which has 27 champion holes, the Green Valley Ranch Golf Club located just 20 minutes from Downtown Denver, the Fossil Trace Golf Club, the Arrowhead Golf Club which golfers have rated the most scenic course, and the Ridge at Castle Pines North among many others.


When coming to Denver, always remember to pack your sneakers and exercise cloths. There are beautiful jogging paths that give you an opportunity to burn your calories. As a matter of fact, you can even jog your way to shopping at Cherry Creek Shopping District because the distance between Cherry Creek District and Downtown is just about 4 miles.

There are lots of other jogging trails such as the one starting in lower Downtown and going southeast, the two mile quick out and back jog along Cherry Creek between Colfax and lower Downtown among others.

You will never miss the thrill of outdoor activities in Denver. Just prepare yourself, get your kit on, and let the adventure begin!