Top Professional Sports Teams in Denver

If you love sports either as a player or just a fan, Denver is one of the few places you will find a spot where your heart belongs. There are over 8 professional sports teams in the Mile-High City which will thrill you all year round. There is baseball, soccer, football, hockey, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, and many others. The city boasts of some of the best athletes in the world in the different sports. Some of the pro sports teams include:

The Colorado Rockies

This is one of the most loved Major League Baseball team which plays its home games at Coors Field in Downtown, Denver. The stadium offers a mixed nostalgic feel of a state-of-the-art classic ballpark. The Major League Baseball season here begins in April and runs all the way to September.

The Denver Broncos

This is an NFL team whose home ground is the massive Sports Authority Field. In Denver, it is considered a way of life to be a Broncos fan. During game days, the city gets painted with the teams colors which are blue, orange and white. The Denver Broncos team dominated the NFL during its heydays and even today the roster is packed with immense talent. The NFL season runs from September all the way to January.

The Colorado Avalanche

This is one of the top hockey teams in Denver and it has the Pepsi Center as their home ground. Its lineup is nothing, but a powerhouse and this explains why the team has solidified its presence in the National Hockey League standings. The Colorado Avalanche fans are said to be the most vocal and devoted hockey fanatics in the United States. The NHL season starts in September and ends in April.

The Colorado Rapids

This is a Major League Soccer side. In 2007, the team moved to the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park which is their official home. In Colorado, the Rapids are a force to be reckoned with its lineup drawing players from as far as Argentina, Africa, Japan, Jamaica, and England. They have also included lots of homegrown talent. The Major League Soccer season runs from March all the way to October.

The Colorado Mammoth

As opposed to the above sports, lacrosse is not as popular, but thanks to the Colorado Mammoth because they have popularized the sport and it is now gradually gaining a fervent following in Denver. The team plays in the National Lacrosse League and its home ground is the Pepsi Center. In 2006, the Colorado Mammoth clinched the League Championship. Their season starts in December and ends in April.

The Denver Nuggets

With a season that runs from October up until June, the Denver Nuggets rule the basketball court at Pepsi Center which is their home stadium. The team’s roster includes a mixture of names from veterans to up –and-comers. This is considered one of the most exciting NBA teams in Denver.

In addition to the above teams, there is the Denver Barbarians which is a super rugby team that competes at national level against 15 other clubs from different parts of the US. Their home stadium is Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.